Slim Forte Double Power Testimonials

You are great. Slim Forte Diet pill is definitely fatastic! I have being using it for a month,  and my family said they are surprised. oh you guys are just too nice! I love you all!

I lost 20 pounds in 2 months and I take them now every once in a while to keep them in my system but if I take them three days in a roll I see the difference they really work if you stop taking the pill exercise so you wont gain the weight back hope this helps someone.

Haven't had any problems with it,Can not really tell if it works or not. I'm sure it has, just have quite a bit to lose that its not that noticeable to me just yet. lol No, jittery feelings or anything.

a friend was taking them and lost 35lbs quick. So I decided to try because I had some baby weight to lose. I was 180lbs.and now I am 165.I have tried a lot of diet pills in the past Cortislim, Hydroxycut, Xenadrine, Phentermine, Metabolite etc. For me this has been the best one yet. Completely cuts not only your appetite but also cuts cravings! Big time. I mean any foods that I looked at just didn't appeal to me.

I lost 28 pounds!On my daughter's first birthday, I overheard some comments about how much weight I had put on and how disappointing I looked. This remark really hit home - that night I stared into my daughter's eyes and realized that I was hiding behind food all these years to cover up the pain I had inside. I vowed to change my body and mind...and no longer look to food for comfort.

I lost 35 pounds and 5 dress sizes!I was feeling self conscious, generally unhappy and unable to find nice clothes.i ate super slim pomegranate weight loss Capsule for 6 months.i lost 10 pounds.and i kept eat some's great!

I lost 19 pounds!I became unhappy with my weight when someone asked if I was pregnant and not being decided to lose weight when I went for a doctor visit and realized the scale was not lying to me after I stood in shock seeing I was at the heaviest I had ever been. able to wear clothes I had.

I lost 72 pounds and lost 11 inches around my waist. Many years ago. But more so recently when I saw a few photographs.I realized I was not only cheating myself out of my true potential, but more importantly my family, friends and the people I serve in my line of work. I realized my children ages 10 and 4 years old, had never seen me weigh less than 300+ pounds. I could not do things with them like I wanted too! Also the talk with the doctor who said my blood sugar levels were too high (diabetes bound) and blood pressure too.